About Pawcademy

We are a group of passionate dog owners, trainers, & lovers dedicated to helping other dog owners strengthen the bond with their pup to live life to the fullest. Pawcademy was established to offer local pet owners in the Okanagan a controlled & comfortable indoor environment to work with their dog year round. We are proud to have the best independent dog trainers in the Okanagan with a wide variety of classes for you and your dog. 

Our goal is for each person and dog we work with to leave knowing how to move forward as a team and feel like they understand each other better.


Positive Reinforcement

We believe in using positive reinforcement training techniques to build a strong bond with your dog and continuously build your relationship with eachother.


Our trainers are committed to teaching dog owners how to effectively communicate and interact with their dog while continuing to develop skills, abilities, and boundaries.

Everyone is Welcome

We work with all ages, breeds and sizes and incorporate real world distractions. As your pet becomes fluent in learning through our classes, we offer multiple levels of advancement to continue to progress with your dog. We are focused on teaching not only your dog, but more importantly you, without using fear or intimidation.

If you have any questions or would like to find out the best option for your dog please feel free to contact us by email (info@pawcademy.ca) or call Stuart at (306) 519-9725.