Shona Gagnon - Okanagan Trick Dogs

Pawcademy Dog Training Shona Gagnon Okanagan Trick DogsShona Gagnon once taught a dog to open the fridge and bring her a drink. She knows the secret of dog behavior that hides in plain sight: that your dog pays more attention than you do, and it is up to you to learn how to tell them when they’re doing it right. She doesn’t whisper to dogs. She speaks, directly. She will give you the keys to the canine brain, so that both you and your animal companion get what you need, and no one’s couch gets chewed up in the process.

Shona has been training dogs for nine years. She is a certified service dog trainer and can adjudicate trick titles up to the expert level. Shona exclusively teaches using positive training methods, not only because they’re humane, but because they produce dogs that are energetic, engaged, and flexible.

Examples of Shona’s work can be found on her Instagram accounts @okanagantrickdogs and @optimumodie

Shona Gagnon Pawcademy Dog Trainer Testimonials

"Shona’s positive, calm, confident presence around dogs is such a joy to see! She is able to connect with all kinds of dogs and their owners, even my high energy border collies! I am amazed at her knowledge and ability with teaching tricks to dogs!!!"

- Maureen Henwood, Lucy & Skye

"Working with sailor is one of the great joys that I experience each day.  When we decided to venture onto “Trick Dog” titles, we were very fortunate to find an enthusiastic and experience instructor.  As almost all of the online video’s on “Do More With Your Dog” are of medium to large dogs, most of these are difficult for a toy dog.  Shona was excellent at offering insightful direction on what tricks were better suited for Sailor. We not only completed the 4 levels in just 1 month, but are not preparing for the Trick Dog Championship Title, with some of Shona’s wonderful suggestions. Sailor and I would highly recommend any 4-legged and 2-legged team to seek out her expertise."

- Margaret Zacher & Sailor