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Animal Acting 203: Skill Building

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Start your Dog's Acting Career with this Specialty Course.

Prerequisites: Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations or Tricks 102: Foundations

Get your dog trained, certified and listed with animal acting agencies in this brand new course! This class covers the socialization, and skills that your dog will need to have to perform on a commercial or movie set. Animal Acting certifications help dogs to work on various types of sets by vouching for their stability and relevant training. 

Topics covered in Pawcademy Animal Acting 203: Skill Building include: 

  • Accepting grooming & handling
  • Sending your dog to an invisible mark
  • Working in the presence of busy set distractions
  • Adding distance to your trick behaviours so your dog can perform ‘alone’ on stage

At the end of this course each dog will receive a digital 'headshot' photo that can be used to apply to commercial jobs and advertise on social media.Participants will receive a Pawcademy Animal Acting 203 graduation certificate.

Instructor: Shona Gagnon from Okanagan Trick Dogs