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Nosework 204: Introduction to Nosework

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3-Day Introduction to Scent work 

Pawcademy is partnering with Doggone Smart Nosework in 2022! Nosework harnesses a dog's unique ability to detect scent and determine the source. In this three-day introductory workshop, handlers will learn how the power of the marker and food reinforcement can be used to shape your dog’s searching behaviour. Once your dog is searching and locating high value food rewards in the training facility, three essential oils (wintergreen, thyme & pine) will be added to the progression. Before you know it, you will have the beginning of a sport detection dog! 

  • 12 Dog/handler spots available
  • Two dogs will train per hour each day & will be paired accordingly by our trainers. Please email us after placing your order if you have any specific requests for a partner.
  • Please note: specific time of your pair session will be emailed closer to the class date once dogs have been paired.

What you need for class:

  • A properly fit, back clip harness is required for class.
    *There will be harnesses available to borrow for this workshop

  • A minimum 6ft leash with no attachments added 
    *If your dog is highly active, we recommend an 8-10ft leash

Soon, you and your dog will be enjoying the game of canine detection!

Instructor: Rich Hatchman, Doggone Smart Nosework