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Obedience 101: Foundations

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Obedience Foundation classes for Dogs & Puppies

Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations is for dogs of all ages and ideal for newly adopted dogs or for the handler/dog who have limited training experience. This class makes your dogs introduction to obedience training non-stressful and fun. All skills learnt in this class are on leash. Dogs must be fully vaccinated to attend class.

Topics covered in Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations include:

  • Sit
  • Lie down
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Release command
  • Body handling
  • Leash walking basics

Participants will receive a Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations graduation certificate. All graduates of Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations puppy & dog training classes will be eligible to register for all Pawcademy 200 level obedience classes.

Instructor: Tanya