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Obedience 201: Skill Building

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Skill Building Obedience Class

Prerequisite: Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations
Other comparable training will be considered. Please email to inquire. 

Handlers will continue to challenge their dog with all the basic exercises learnt in Pawcademy Obedience 101: Foundations. We will continue to help you improve your dog’s abilities by learning new commands as well as increasing the difficulty of standard commands. All skills are completed on leash. Dogs must be fully vaccinated to attend class. 

Our experience tells us that your dog will progress faster when you take Obedience 201: Skill Building immediately after Obedience 101: Foundations. Your dog is in training mode, lets continue learning! 

Topics covered in Pawcademy Obedience 201: Skill Building include: 

  • Extended sit 
  • Extended down 
  • Stand 
  • Distance & time stays 
  • Recall   
  • Leash walking - heel position
  • Spins - left & right 
  • Interactive play, using play as a reward 
  • Focus games 

Participants will receive a Pawcademy Obedience 201 graduation certificate.All graduates of Pawcademy Obedience 201 training classes will be eligible to register for all other obedience Pawcademy 300 level classes. 

Instructor: Tanya McLeod